In Sarajevo Schools, soon a Policy – one Subject, one Textbook

January 6, 2018 2:00 PM

Parents whose children are attending elementary and high schools in Canton Sarajevo (CS) will no longer be worried when it comes to choosing the right author when they buy textbooks for teaching subjects, because the new law, which is in the drafting phase, provides policy – one subject – one textbook.

The draft law on textbooks will be on the agenda of the next session of the CS Government, and the green light is given by the Council of Parents of CS and the Union of Primary Education CS. As the CS Minister of Education, Elvir Kazazovic told, the main reason for the adoption is the fact that the textbooks used in primary and high schools, which are approved by the Federal Ministry of Education, are one of five or six alternatives for one subject, which creates confusion for the parents, as well as teaching staff.

“The current practice in the CS that I found is that the subject teachers individually recommend the textbook  on the basis of what he/she likes. We want the majority, for example, the teachers of maths, to choose which textbook is the best and to use it in the teaching process for four years. This will allow textbooks to be forwarded or received from older cousins, children, etc. We will also get better quality textbooks because everyone will notice if something is wrong, “ Kazazovic said.

He pointed out that in this way parents were unnecessarily exposed to financial expenditures, because the books were expensive due to decreased printing. This is coming to an end because the printing of books will increase, which will lead to lower price.

“I was always under pressure by the parents to adopt it, and on the other hand I was under the pressure of publishing houses that we should not leave publishers with no incomes. Arguments are on the side of parents and children,” the minister said.

He added that the CS Ministry of Education will also make changes in the organization of the Education-Pedagogical Institute and will form a department that will be in charge of publishing activity.

Parents are very happy with this move they have been waiting for a long time. The representatives of the Council of Parents CS have also participated in creating the Draft Law and they hope for the best.




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