Sarajevo Canton should soon receive new Electric Public Trolleybuses


Sarajevo Canton should soon receive new electric public trolleybuses in Sarajevo with money from a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

On July 18th, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development opened a tender on Thursday for procurement Of 25 new trolleybuses and related post-sales services to be used in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital Sarajevo.

Earlier on July 2nd, the Ministry of Transport of the Sarajevo Canton completed the tender documentation for the procurement of 25 new trolleybuses which was delivered to the EBRD.

This is the single greatest procurement of vehicles since the war done by the Sarajevo Canton Government and the Ministry of Transport in cooperation with the EBRD. The total amount of planned procurement is 15 million euro.

The 25 new low-floor trolley busses of the latest technology will be equipped with advanced systems of ticket payment, passengers count, access for disabled persons, sophisticated air-conditioning and heating of passenger space, LED lighting and increased comport at the entrance and exit of passengers from vehicles.

Passenger seats will be ergonomically built from low maintenance materials.

Trolley busses will have a five-year guarantee with full maintenance in the given period.

The first test trolley bus will be in the streets of Sarajevo in eight months since the day of the singing of the agreement. Three new trolleybuses will be delivered every month. The complete delivery will be completed within 16 months.


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