Sarajevo Canton Assembly adopts resignations by Nenadic and Celik

At the session of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly, before adopting the agenda, Haris Zahiragic from the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) took the oath of office, thus officially becoming a member of this legislature, instead of his party colleague Samra Cosović-Hajdarevic.

The resignation of the Prime Minister of Sarajevo Canton Mario Nenadic was accepted, who stated in his explanation that this resignation was submitted after 18 assembly members submitted a motion of no confidence in the Government on October 9, 2020, explaining that its decisions were not supported by the majority of deputies in the SC Assembly.

It was pointed out that the resigned Prime Minister and the Government will perform all tasks within their competence in accordance with the Constitution and laws, until the moment of appointment, i.e. confirmation of its new convocation.

The resignation of the current chairman of the SC Assembly Mirza Celik was also accepted, and the Proposal of the Decision on Amendments to the Decision on Confirmation of Candidates for the Election of the Chairman or Deputy Chairman of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly was adopted.

Instead of Celik, from the ranks of the Bosniak people, Elvedin Okeric was appointed to the parliamentary leadership. Danijela Kristic, Vibor Handzic, Smiljana Viteskic and Elvedin Okeric form the new leadership of the SC Assembly, which will subsequently elect a new chairman of this cantonal legislature by mutual agreement.

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