Sarajevo: Appeal to Citizens to participate in collecting Assistance for the People of Syria

September 30, 2017 7:45 AM

Humanitarian action “BiH for the People of Syria” is taking place for days in the area of the Majlis of the Islamic Community of Sarajevo and it was extended until October 6.

“We can help them if we bring flour, oil, diapers, jams or diapers to local mosques, or if we pay those items (of domestic origin) and put the bill into a special box at Bingo centers in settlements Bare, Otoka, Stup, Hadzici or Vogosca, as noted from the Majlis of the IC of Sarajevo.

They noted that we are witnessing a great response of fellow citizens in these few days, who showed exceptional humanity and concern for the other once again.

According to the instructions of the Mufti of Sarajevo, this humanitarian action is extended until October 6. They appealed to citizens to join this noble action for the people of Syria.

In the action of collecting aid for the fifth convoy, all 284 jamats in the area of the Mufti Unit of Sarajevo, which are located in the area of 19 municipalities, are included. The assistance in the form of flour, oil, pasta, jams and baby diapers (exclusively domestic products) will be collected in all mosques.

Several thousand activists of the “Youth Network” of the Mufti Unit of Sarajevo will also participate in this humanitarian campaign.



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