Samir Becic promotes BiH on New Zealand

March 22, 2017 12:30 PM

Samir BecicSamir Becic from Kljuc in BiH, who is one of the most famous fitness trainers in the United States, showed that the hard work and dedication pays off and that on this basis you can build a recognizable name in the world. Supermodel Rachel Hunter, who has a show called “Tour of Beauty” in New Zealand, came to the US to talk with Becic about fitness, healthy living, as well as the country where he is coming from – BiH.

“They told me that she is interested in my work in the United States, the method of training and application of my method on the astronauts. They told me that she loves my scientific approach to healthy living that focuses on the brain and the development of intelligence in the same manner as on the body and muscles. So I said yes. They came with the team from New Zealand and the shooting lasted for several days. We had excellent cooperation,” said Becic.

“I told her about some facts that made her very emotional, and not only her but her team as well. I was talking about Kljuc where I was born, Sarajevo and Banja Luka, the natural beauty of BiH as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Europe” said Becic.

On the question on how he would solve the current situation in BiH and neighboring countries, Becic said that the only long-term solution is reconciliation.

“Everyone need to respect the truth about the crimes that happened in BiH and the Srebrenica genocide. It is necessary to build good neighborly relations in those segments which are useful for everyone: economy, reduce of the unemployment to the extent to be compared with European neighbors, improvement of the social welfare of vulnerable children and older people, the fight against corruption and crime, and promotion of culture and art. I said that I believe that BiH, as well as the entire Balkans, will do everything in their power to lose the attributes of a black hole in Europe. I also told her that there are thousands of young people in BiH with great talent, determination, and intelligence with which they will overcome all the difficulties they are facing today,” said Becic.

“My philosophy of healthy lifestyle, which includes training and a healthy diet, positive thinking, everyday training of the mind, social and spiritual balance, was very interesting for her. She looks great herself. Although she is 50, she is training as she is 20. Our message is that with a healthy lifestyle you can manage or completely eliminate all diseases. Your health is more important than any kind of financial value, career, and success. If you are healthy, you have a greater opportunity to realize all of that and enjoy longer in it,” said Becic.

Rachel Hunter started her show “Tour of Beauty” in 2015. It is her global odyssey in which she meets outstanding individuals around the world, and they explore the field of beauty, health, and well-being.

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