Salkić: Prevent the Destruction of BiH by preventing the Referendum!

August 29, 2016 5:45 PM

Salkić about Day of Republika pressrs.naVice-President of the BiH entity Republika Srpska Ramiz Salkić invited the Peace Implementation Council in BiH to prevent “the destruction of the state of BiH”, warning that the Dayton Peace Agreement is being violated openly, threatening with the most serious consequences and permanently bringing into question the hard-earned peace.

Salkić gave the statement while visiting Podrinje, where he met with citizens who expressed concern with the police drill on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina executed by police units of RS and Serbia. This drill was implemented without the presence and involvedness of state bodies, police services and security agencies from the level of BiH, causing great concern among the citizens.

Salkić says that by respecting the Dayton Peace Agreement Bosniaks accepted that international community supervises, controls and maintains peace.

“Allowing retrograde forces to weaken the country, violate its constitution and violate peace is the treason of our expectation. We were convinced that we will get help from international community in 1992, when the aggression started, then in 1995, when the genocide in Srebrenica occurred, and there was no help in both cases. Bosniaks do not want any kind of action outside of the institutions of the system. Our policy was never against the Constitution and the Dayton Peace Agreement, but we clearly state that policy of international community is unacceptable. We will not allow the history to repeat itself,” Salkić stated.

According to Salkić, international community allows the political destabilization of the Balkans. He adds that the “policy implemented by the regime of Milorad Dodik radicalizes the society, with the end aim of destructing BiH”.

“Office of High Representative is facing the biggest challenge so far – to prevent the destruction of BiH by preventing the referendum. If that does not happen, the open destruction will continue. Milorad Dodik has already announced the obstruction of judicial institutions on the national level and it becomes very clear that his policy is directed exclusively at disintegration of BiH and violation of peace,” stated Salkić.



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