Safvet-beg Bašagić was Born on 6 May

May 6, 2014 3:00 PM

Safvet_beg_BasagicSafvet-beg Bašagić, B&H poet, historian and playwright was born on 6 May 1870 in Nevesinje.

“One nation can experience political, social and economic fiasco in its homeland. All of that is temporary, everything can change. However, there is something that is not temporary and even the bitterest enemy can not destroy and that is poetic work that we call literature. That triumph remains forever because is the promise of future generations and time”.

This is, among other things, written by Safvet-beg Bašagić, B&H poet, historian, playwright in 1912. Bašagić was one of the most prominent intellectuals of our area.

He was born on 6 May, 1870 in Nevesinje. He was the first son of Ibrahim-beg Bašagić. His family lived in Foča, then in Mostar and later in Sarajevo, where Safvet finished the primary school, and then the high school. He was graduated in Arabic and Persian languages in Vienna.

Safvet wrote under the pseudonym of Mirza Safvet. He was a poet, historian, playwright and translator of oriental languages. Safvet-beg Bašagić with Edhem Mulabdić and Osman Nuri Hadžić launched Behar magazine in 1901. He launched the political magazine Ogledalo in 1907 and in 1910 was elected in Bosnian Parliament.

Safvet-beg Bašagić was later appointed as the curator of B&H National Museum, where he retired. Soon after, he got sick and his daughter Almasa took care of him. He was sick for more than 10 years.


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