S. Sannino: European Perspective is Key for BiH

February 26, 2013 2:21 PM

By: Nevena Šarenac

The General Director of the Directorate for the EU Commission Stefano Sannino thinks that the European perspective is key for the future of BiH, because the EU is the best framewok and the best guarantee for our country.

He noted that the EU does not propose any concrete models for solving the “Sejdić-Finci” judgment from the European Court for Human Rights. He added that the activities of the EU Delegation to BiH exclusively help the process of talks between the BiH leaders.

“We believe that the European perspective is crucial for BiH, and therefore we will lend support and continue with stronger engagement in the hope that in the next weeks there will be a solution to the “Sejdić-Finci’ ruling, said Sannino after today’s meeting with the FBiH Prime Minister Nermin Nikšić in Sarajevo.

He pointed to the need to accelerate these activities, because in the next few years there will be general elections in BiH and it is very important that they are carried out in accordance with the “Sejdić-Finci” ruling.

According to Sannino, the solution to the ruling is necessary so that BiH can have a credible application for membership in the EU.

He announced that the European Commissioner for EU Enlargement Stefan Fule will travel to BiH in April and he hopes that until then a solution for the implementation of the ruling will be found.

Sannino and Prime Minister Nikšić assessed today’s meeting at the headquarters of the FBiH as open and useful, and the main topics of discussion were budget stability, reform of the pension sector, infrastructure projects and ‘Elektroprenos’.

In his statement to journalists, Sannino said that he is satisfied that he heard from Prime Minister Nikšić the outcome of the meeting with representatives of the IMF, which is important for macroeconomic assistance.

He also found out from Nikšić more about infrastructure projects, above all on Corridor Vc and he hopes that this week a connection with the Vijenac tunnel will be formed.

Sannino said that he will follow the developments of the functioning of ‘Elektroprenos BiH’ with great interest, as well as those related to the investment plan in the next period.

Prime Minister Nikšić also expressed satisfaction of the open discussions. He said that Sannino, among others, is familiar with the results of the discussions with the IMF, investments, and also with the views regarding the political situation in the FBiH.

He said that Sannino expresses extremely good knowledge of the situation in the FBIH and has hope that despite the problems in the FBiH, there would be an arrangement with the IMF. Also, he hopes that the IMF will continue to help with the realization of plans and activities tied to investment and infrastructure projects, as well as when it comes to further implementation of the business of the company ‘Elektroprenos BiH’. The EU Commission is paying particular attention to this.

General Director of the General Directorate for Enlargement in the EU Stefano Sannino will be in BiH for a three-day visit.

During the visit, Sannino will hold meetings with BiH officials at the state and entity level and political leaders, where they will talk about issues related to the EU program.

It was announced that he would visit with students in Sarajevo and attend the conference on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Regional Council for Cooperation.

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