RS Without Inflation in 2013

rastThe monthly inflation in September in the RS amounted to 0 percent, while the annual inflation in September of this year in comparison to the same month last year had a negative value of 1 percent, confirmed to Srna by the RS Institute for Statistics.

The price of food and drink in September are lower than in August by 0,7 percent, prices of recreation and culture lower by 0,6 percent, while furniture and home furnishings have fallen by 0,2 percent.

The largest price increase in September in comparison to August is by 2,2 percent for clothes and shoes, and transport by 1,2 percent.

The prices of manufactured products in the local market in September are on average lower by 0,2 percent than in August.

The price of manufactured products in foreign markets in September are higher by 0,3 percent that in August.


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