The Revenues of BiH Companies will be over one Billion BAM for the first time ever

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) will for the first time ever get companies whose annual business revenues amount to more than a billion BAM. BiH will receive one, and possibly more, such companies.

The company whose revenues will surely exceed one billion BAM is Elektroprivreda BiH.

The media at the beginning of this year wrote that the revenues of Elektroprivreda BiH thus far in 2016 exceeded a billion BAM, while last year’s business income amounted to 997 million BAM.

This is evident from the report published on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange, but also from the acknowledgment of the 100 largest companies in BiH that was awarded a few days ago, where the highest turnover was recorded by JP Elektroprivreda BiH with 997,870,238 BAM.

Let’s clarify that the Elektroprivreda BiH realized last year and financial revenues of 7 million AM (of which 6.4 million BAM is interest income), and other revenues of around 16 million BAM.

But operating income this year will exceed a billion BAM. In the first half of this year, EPBiH revenues amounted to 568 million KM, which is about 100 million BAM more than in the first half of last year, so they’re on a safe way to cross the mark of one billion marks.

In addition, it is possible that Bingo’s revenues will be more than a billion BAM. The revenues of this company last year amounted to 915 million BAM, while the previous year they were 806 million BAM.

If this growth trend continues this year, which can be expected because the company continued its expansion, its revenues will also exceed a billion BAM.


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