The Return of Ciro Train in the City of Visegrad

September 2, 2017 10:00 AM

From Mokra Gora to Visegrad, a steam locomotive departed over a narrow railroad, once again, in the first ride after a very long time. After the agreement between management of railways of Serbia and Republika Srpska, it was allowed, depending on interest, that Ciro train goes on regular rides.

A nostalgic screech of steam locomotive and a cloud of steam on the station of Mokra Gora – it is a sign that Ciro train is ready for 25 kilometers long ride to Visegrad.

“We spend approximately two tons of coal to get to Visegrad and back, five-six cubic meters of water, there and back, 10 cubic meters of water,” said machine operator Zoran Neskovic.

Lovers of old railways impatiently waited for Nostalgic to arrive to Drina Bridge. Among them were two groups of foreigners, Slovenians and Germans, and youngest traveler, just two years old, from Berlin. “I told my friends how beautiful it is in West Serbia and East Bosnia and they wanted me to show them,” said Martin Kopecki from Berlin.

“This is fantastic, just beautiful, there is nothing else to be said”, emphasized Joze Pucikar from Ljubljana.

Zeljko Spijunovic from “Srbijavoz” noted that there is an increasing number of foreigners – from West Europe mostly Germans and Swiss, while tourists from Asia, China, Japan were also announced. ”That encourages us to think that we are positioned on the world map of attractive touristic destinations,” stated Spijunovic.

After two stations, Ciro train arrived in Visegrad even before the planned time, where it was gladly welcomed.



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