Retail Giant “Lidl” reveals Cities in Bosnia where it will open Stores

The information of the German media that German retail giant “Lidl” is interested in entering the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has caused a lot of attention in our country.

The German portal Lebensmittel Zeitung, which monitors information in the store and is considered a reliable source, announced that “Lidl” could open the first facilities in our country in 2022, and eventually could open up to 30 stores in the country.

According to new information, “Lidl” plans to “initially” open centers in cities with more than 30,000 inhabitants.

On the other hand, in cities with high purchasing power, such as Sarajevo or Mostar, Lidl sees potential for several locations.

The company has recorded solid performance in neighboring Croatia and Serbia, with Serbia being a special success story since its entry five years ago. Lidl could easily supply BiH facilities from its other Balkan operations, which are said to have performed well overall this year, despite problems caused by the pandemic, Biznis Info writes.

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