Restaurant Bon Appetit in Sarajevo offers a new, innovative Menu! (gallery)

January 18, 2017 7:00 AM

Braised lamb, roasted swiss chard and onion crepeEven if the summer in Sarajevo brings its best and richest cuisine to the table, during these calmer winter months, something new and exciting has appeared on the Sarajevo restaurant scene.

Sarajevo’s gastronomic and architectural attraction…

At Kranjčevićeva 11, you will find yourself instantly charmed and welcomed by the rustic and vintage ambiance warmed by soft pastels, as you walk through the doors. However, you will find yourself absolutely amazed by the new menu that ambitious chef and owner Goran Vuk is introducing to his family bistro “Bon Appetit.”

Gastronomic enchantment

“If you are nearby, come and try the fantastic, locally-grown, Braised Lamb accompanied by roasted swiss chard and onion crepes. Or if you are in the mood for a Mediterranean delight, try the Seafood Medley Pasta prepared with monkfish, prawns, mussels, octopus or a refreshing salad. Another marvelous option is to indulge in the tried and true American Hamburger that all their customers rave about,” recommends Restaurant Consultant Dragan Grbić.

Bon Appetit provides gluten free meal options like their Beef Tenderloin Strip Salad with sesame and onion marmalade or their Sesame Salmon with broccoli puree. Vegetarians are also welcome with dishes like Vegetarian Risotto with swiss chard and parmesan. Whatever your food preference, you will find something that works for you!

This bistro offers the best of local wines and beer. They are also serve cocktails such as gin & tonic with a touch of orange zest, red peppercorns and bay leaf.

Bon Appetit introduces a new twist on traditional Bosnian cuisine like their Sarajevo Kebab with Three Sauces, a delicious fusion of the historic and modern. Finish it off with a freshly prepared dessert of Belgian Chocolate Cake, Orange Creme Brulee or Arabic Malabi made with the Bosnian speciality kadaif in a raspberry sauce.

[wzslider autoplay=”true” info=”true”]…different from other restaurants in Sarajevo…

Apart from the fantastic, new menu offered, what makes Bon Appetit different than other restaurants is its chef and owner Goran Vuk. Goran has worked as a cook for over 15 years. His love for his craft and wealth of experience is the ideal combination for an excellent dining experience! Goran prepares each dish with the special care and attention that any superb host does for his cherished guests. This family restaurant is filled with the warmth and hospitality that is so often missing on the restaurant scene.

A vast range of customers frequent this charming restaurant. Sarajevo locals, Bosnian nationals and foreigners coming from East and West make up Bon Appetit’s richly diverse clientele. Bon Appetit is proud to have remained in Tripadvisor’s top 5 Sarajevo restaurants since its opening in 2014!

Bon Appetit is already proven to be an ideal dining experience for lunch or dinner with its rich atmosphere and sensational food that will bring delight and intrigue to your taste buds! Reservations can be made by phone 061/287-618 or online.

(Source: ST/sponsored article/photo: Edin Hadzihasic)



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