Residents of City of Bileca claim that Migrants invade their Homes


Residents of Bileca will hold a meeting in Simijova village on Sunday to express their displeasure over migrants breaking into their homes, causing damage and harassing the population, and representatives of the police will attend the announced rally.

They are locals of the surrounding villages near the regional road that are the routes used by migrants every day, and that there is almost no home in the area that migrants have not invaded it once or more.

“For over a year, migrants have been going through the villages, breaking into houses, attacking the population, burning house. That is why we decided to gather in the village of Simijova on Sunday, and we invited the police, Border Police and local authorities to a meeting to protect the population of this local community – says Jeftovic for Avaz newspapers.

He added that migrants even broke into the registrar’s local office, but fortunately did not destroy the registry.

Rade Vujovic, who lives in Bileca said that migrants have repeatedly entered in his uninhabited farmhouse, and caused a fire on the lower floor about ten days ago, so firefighters had to intervene. Vujovic’s neighbor, Cedomir Samardzic, was also targeted by migrants who had repeatedly raided his house and left a mess behind.

Bileca Police Station confirmed that the villagers reported almost daily that migrants were passing through rural areas and breaking into abandoned houses.

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