Residents of BiH can now use the Four-seater Cable Car

Company ZOI’84 informed the citizens that today they can use a four-seater cable car and enjoy a panoramic tour of Bjelasnica Mountain.

During this weekend, KJP “ZOI’84” offers a promotional price of tickets which is 8 BAM for adults and for children 6 BAM for children.

On a six-seat cable car, citizens can enjoy a panoramic sightseeing tour and drive to the Medjustanica, where they can take a break with coffee and juice, or continue the four-seat ride.

The four-seater drives to the top of Bjelasnica Mountain, at incredible 2067 meters, offering a beautiful view.

From Monday, June 17th, 2019, the price of the sixth + fourth seat will be 12 BAM, while the price of six seater will remain the same, ie 8 BAM. For children, the tickets remain 6 BAM.

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