Request for Provisional Release of Ratko Mladic rejected

Ratko Mladic Trial oslobodjenje.baThe request of defense of the former commander of the Army of the RS (VRS) Ratko Mladic for temporary release for medical treatment in Russia was rejected by the Hague Tribunal, due to the suspicion that he might escape.

In the decision that was signed by the presiding member of the Trial Chamber Alphons Orie was stated that the request was rejected despite assurances from Russia that Mladic will be returned to the Netherlands because the Council “is not convinced that the accused will return to the seat of the tribunal if granted provisional release “.

“The Council recalls the fact that the accused did not voluntarily surrendered to the Tribunal and was on the run for 16 years. The Council also recalls that he lived as a fugitive until 2011 although he was in a difficult health condition. This health condition did not stop him from continuing with his escape, which is the reason why argument of the defense that he cannot escape due to the disease was rejected,” as said in the decision.

“Independent experts examined the medical treatment during the past period and concluded that it is in accordance with international standards,” as stated in the decision.

Mladic, as a commander of the VRS, was indicted for genocide in Srebrenica, persecution of Bosniaks and Croats that reached the scale of genocide in six municipalities, terrorizing civilians by long-lasting shelling and sniping in Sarajevo and taking members of UNPROFOR as hostages.

The verdict for Mladic is expected later this year, as reported by BIRN.

(Source: klix.ba)

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