Representatives in Government of Canton Sarajevo abolished Reimbursements to Themselves!

January 24, 2019 1:00 PM

The Assembly of Canton Sarajevo adopted the Law on Salaries and Reimbursements in the Cantonal Administrations of Canton Sarajevo, with which they abolished reimbursements to cantonal representatives.

On the agenda of the third ordinary session of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly, representatives firstly discussed the Proposal of the Law on Salaries and Remuneration in the Government Bodies of Sarajevo Canton.

After the discussion, cantonal legislators voted and mostly adopted the proposed law abolishing the reimbursements to professional advocates in the amount of 580 BAM.

This law was submitted by the Government of Sarajevo Canton to the Assembly procedure, and the Ministry of Justice and Administration of the Sarajevo Canton, headed by Lejla Brcic, as the head of the activity.

By adopting this law, the prime minister of the Sarajevo Canton and the chairman of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly will have the same coefficient as the Vice Presidents of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the House of Representatives and the House of Peoples of the Federation of BiH and the Federation Prime Minister (coefficient 9,80).

Until September 2018, the basis for calculating salaries in Canton Sarajevo was 290 BAM, after which the base was increased to 315 BAM, which is identical to the base of the state officials and officials at the level of the Entities of Federation BiH in the past eight years.


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