Record Number of People left Bosnia and Herzegovina Last Year

The biggest problem that is pressing the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also all other sectors in recent years is the outflow of population, professional workers, young people from our country. The latest data is even more alarming. Eurostat updated the data on the number of issued first permits for our citizens in 2019, because data for Germany were missing. It should be said that data for Sweden are still missing, so this number will grow even more, writes economic analyst Faruk Hadžić on his Facebook page, Klix.ba news portal reports.

“With the updated data, a record of 71,375 permits were issued, out of which, 31,765 permits were issued in Germany alone, which is almost double than in 2018. In the last two years alone, 125,137 first permits were issued to our citizens in the EU. Hadzic is continuously monitoring this problem, with a coronavirus pandemic, mostly for BiH society and our economy. He says that the consequences of the outflow of population will be felt most in the limited economic progress of the country and stronger budgetary pressure for financing pensions, because the number of pensioners is constantly growing, and we are losing the leading layer of society that contributes the most to the economy. “

Indirectly, the state loses billions of BAM annually in this way, as a consequence of the company’s investment in the education of people leaving the state and the loss in the collection of potential tax revenues, because those people no longer spend money in BiH, except occasionally when they come to the country,” he added.

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