Reconstruction of the National Monument – Bridge on River Zepa have started

October 5, 2016 9:30 AM

bridgeCommission to Preserve National Monuments started with implementation of the next phase of the restoration project of the National Monument – Bridge on River Zepa, for which were donated funds by the Special Fund of US Ambassador to the preservation of cultural heritage in the US Embassy in BiH in the amount of 62,600 USD.

Considering that on the bridge were recorded cracks and strains that can lead to further deterioration, the goal of the project is to bring the bridge structure in stable condition with a sufficient level of security, while taking into consideration the criteria of load capacity, usability and durability.

This phase of the project includes the works of urgent stabilization of the bridge, which includes setting up of temporary scaffolding that will secure the facility and enable the implementation of the remaining phases of the project of restoration. The works should be finished by the end of this year.

Partners in the project are local community Zepa, the municipality of Rogatica and the Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the RS.

The educational part of the project, the campaign “My BiH – My Heritage” was implemented in 2014 and it was carried out in cooperation with six primary schools in Bosnia-Podrinje Canton and cultural and artistic society “Romanijska Vrela” Mokro from the RS. Within the campaign in schools-participants of the project were held lectures on the importance of the cultural and historical heritage, after which was announced a competition for the best student work on the topic “My BiH – My Heritage”. From the received 306 art, literature and modeling works, 26 were awarded.

In older records and travelogues there is no information about the builder and the date of construction of the bridge on Zepa, nor the text with an inscription that could give some precise information about the exact time and the builder of this object. It is assumed that it was built in the late 16th century. Bridge was dismounted and reconstructed at another location due to the construction of HPP Bajina Basta. Its new location is 500 meters from the village Zepa.



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