Razija Mujanovic, BH Basketball Player, entered the Hall of Fame

She is the best basketball player of the former Yugoslavia, who was voted three times for the best European player, five times winner of the title of Old Continent’s club champion, a proud member of the Hall of Fame, Razija Mujanovic.

The nomination itself is a praise. How much it means to you to be a member of the Hall of Fame?

“I am very proud. This is the top of my career after all my success. This year I am the only woman who entered the Hall of Fame,” said Razija Mujanovic.

Besides Mujanovic, in the generation 2017 of the Hall of Fame were included Toni Kukoc (Croatia) and Shaquille O’Neal (USA). The official ceremony will be held in Geneva on September 30.

Mujanovic firewalled with the active playing of basketball in 2008, when she left the national team, the team Sloboda from Tuzla, and a number of world clubs. Was leaving the parquet one of your hardest decisions?

“When I get back to the parquet and take the ball, I would immediately return to active playing. Therefore, I am recreationally dealing with some other activities, and I just cannot overcome the love I have for basketball. There are emotions, regardless of the years,” stated Mujanovic.

She also noted that it was a hard decision.

“In recent years, I was thinking of ending active playing, but coaches were constantly inviting me to play. I went to Dubrovnik in 2008, I was there for a month, and then I saw that it was not it. I realized that I cannot be what I am and I simply retreated. You need to understand that on your own. Wherever I played I was always the best, and I could not be satisfied to play in a team where I will not be the main backbone of the team. I did not want to degrade myself and everything I achieved through my career,” stated Mujanovic.

Mujanovic played all around the world, but she noted that she prefers European basketball.

“Basketball matches are a spectacle in America or Brazil, people come to have fun. In Europe, we play for the result,” she stated.

The book about Razija Mujanovic could become a reality very soon.

“There were always some ideas about the book, and journalist Ekrem Avdic told me that now that I’ve joined the Hall of Fame it is time to start working on the book.”

Razija Mujanovic said that she is following Euroleague, NBA and some home matches, and she sometimes goes to some of the matches and the matches of the national team of BiH.

(Source: N1)

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