Ratko Mladic’s Health Condition suddenly worsened, Experts claim



War criminal Ratko Mladic is in critical condition, his son Darko confirmed, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

His condition suddenly worsened after a colon operation about two months ago, and the family claims that he still has internal bleeding, that medical documentation is hidden from them, and that Mladic would have to be in the hospital in such a condition, not in prison.

“My father is very ill. Our medical experts believe that there is internal bleeding and that they are not treating it in the right way. His hemoglobin is in the red zone, according to some parameters, as they explained to us, only 4.4, which is alarming. We have neither received any documents about his health conditio, nor are they taking adequate measures for his treatment. He is weak, exhausted and we are afraid that the worst outcome could happen to him, he is critical,” stated Darko Mladic, reports Kurir.

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