Ratko Mladic asks for the Delay in Pronouncing the Verdict?

The Defense of the former Commander of the Army of the RS Ratko Mladic requested from the ICTY to delay the pronouncement of the verdict, which is scheduled for November 22, until Mladic is examined by a team of Serbian doctors.

Defense attorneys requested that Mladic is examined by Serbian doctors – a neurologist and a cardiologist – in a week that begins on November 13, and that the pronouncing the verdict is postponed until the results of that examinations are ready.

Defense attorneys suggested that they will request for Mladic to be released for medical treatment in Serbia, since they requested and received the guarantee for temporary release from the authorities in Belgrade.

According to Defense, Mladic’s health condition is getting worse, and hospitalization is needed due to the risk of a new stroke or infarction.

Mladic is waiting for the verdict on the indictment for genocide committed in Srebrenica, the persecution of Bosniaks and Croats all over BiH, which reached the scale of genocide in six municipalities, terrorizing the citizens of Sarajevo and taking members of UNPROFOR for hostages. The trial started back in 2012, and the pronunciation of the verdict is scheduled for November 22, this year.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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