Railways of Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina achieved Record Profit last Year


Operating profit before expenses for interest, income tax and amortization (EBITDA) of Public Enterprise Railways of Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2019 amounted to 22,729,510 BAM while in 2018 it amounted to 19,027,649 BAM.

The operating income of the company in 2019 amounted to 117,586,620 BAM and is higher by 1,947,631 BAM compared to 2018 when they amounted to 115,638,989 BAM. Operating expenses in 2019 amounted to 94,857,110 BAM and decreased by 1,754,230 BAM compared to 2018 when they amounted to 96,611,340 BAM.

“The record result of operating profit we achieved last year is first and foremost the merit of the employees and the proof of the correct business policy of the company. Our success is based on a constant increase in revenue and a reduction in operating costs. We have successfully responded to all the demands of the economy in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which is the basic role of the FBiH Railways in business,” said Enis Dzafic, Director General of PE FBiH Railways.

In 2019, they transported 9,125,000 tons of goods, which is 5,000 tons more than in 2018 when 9,120,000 tons of goods were transported, which resulted in an increase in goods transportation revenue by 1.5 million BAM. Passenger Transport FBiH Railways carried 496,844 passengers in 2019, an increase of 83,373 passengers compared to 2018, when they carried 413,471 passengers, eKapija business portal reports.




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