Radmanović: It is of strategic importance that we carry out the population census in spring

Presidency of BiH Chairman Nebojša Radmanović said that it is of strategic importance that BiH carries out the population census in spring 2013, in order to submit a questionnaire for EU candidacy.

Radmanović says that he did not understand EUROSTAT’s reason for postponing the census, and he said that BiH should do everything to prevent any delays.

“If someone is asking that we postpone the census until autumn, then he thinks that we will not be able to fill the questionnaire for EU candidacy by the end of the year, and that’s not good” , Radmanovic said in an interview to ”Dnevni Avaz”

He said that the credible application for EU membership is closer now than ever.

”We have two issues from the Road map that we believe we can solve. For the transformation of OHR we need to solve the issue of state property, and I believe we can do all that by mid 2013”, said Radmanovic.

He noted that the only solution to the implementation of the Sejdic-Finci ruling is an asymmetric election of presidents to Presidency of BiH.

Radmanovic said that the agreement of six political parties in BiH gives hope because the budget was adopted, and there is an agreed package of legislation, which he hopes will pass in the Parliament of BiH.

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