The Protestant Church in BiH marked 500 Years of Reformation

November 2, 2017 12:30 PM

The Protestant Church solemnly celebrated the Great Jubilee of 500 years of reformation with an appropriate program organized in the building of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, which was originally built as the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The Pastor of the Evangelical Church in Sarajevo Sasa Nikolinovic noted that the event that took place on October 31, 1517, when Martin Luther reported his 95 theses about forgiveness, dogma and church arrangement at the public discussion, changed the history and destiny of Europe, and it still has an influence through many churches.

He noted that reformation liberated the human rights movement in certain ways because the population was under the pressure at that time from the manipulative structures of the Church, the Holy Roman Empire, and the feudal system, so that the reformation came as a certain kind of hope in their lives.

Pastor of the Evangelical Church in Sarajevo Slavko Hadzic stated that every change and renewal starts with an individual because every great change that happened in society always started from one person, and he put a special emphasis on the need and necessity of reformation in the life of every man.

The number of followers of this church in BiH is increasing. There were two to three churches and about one hundred believers before the war in BiH, and today there are 1,000 believers in BiH and 20 to 25 churches. The church located in the Sarajevo settlement of Dolac Malta is part of the Evangelical Church in BiH, which is consisted of 12 local churches in ten cities of BiH.

These churches are characterized by their love for God, love for the Bible, and they believe that the culmination is the revelation of God’s incarnation in the person of Jesus Christ. Since the war, to this day, they helped to a lot of the most vulnerable citizens of BiH through numerous humanitarian actions, and according to their capabilities.



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