Prosinecki: People accepted me and that is most important in Sarajevo and BiH

January 15, 2018 9:30 AM

Selector of the National football team of BiH Robert Prosinecki stated that he wants to take our team on a big competition.

He confirmed that he will live on the route Zagreb-Sarajevo for a certain period of time. The money was not a motive for him, and he noted  that he could “take much more money” somewhere else.

“I really felt that I am very well accepted during the past several days in Sarajevo, and that makes me even more enthusiastic. I do not want for some of my promises to sound shabby, but I really want for BiH to finally achieve a great result. Especially after not qualifying for the World Cup in Russia,” stated Prosinecki.

“The first impressions are just great. Common people really accepted me. I went out on Bascarsija, and reactions are great. And you know that in Sarajevo and BiH, the people is what matters,” said Prosinecki.

Prosinecki said that the National football team of BiH has great players, including Dzeko, Pjanic, Kolasinac, but there are also a few others top-quality players.

When asked why did BiH play just one large competition, Prosinecki said:

“There was always something missing, some little things that sometimes mean a lot in football. It is hard to say what was missing, but I believe that we will manage to change it and make a good result,” concluded Prosinecki.




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