Project between Una Sana Canton and Croatia worth 120 million BAM agreed!

Representatives of the Una-Sana Canton Government (USC) and “Ivicom Consulting” from Zagreb signed an agreement on granting a concession for the use of construction land for exploration, construction and use of wind farms at Teocak location in the city of Bihac.

During the meeting, it is stated that it is a project that guarantees the highest concession fee in the USC agreed so far for any project, worth 120 million BAM.

Director of “Ivicom Consulting” Zagreb, Dinko Condic, said that the initial phase of testing potentials will last around one year.

“Firstly, we need some time to collect the data without which we cannot get on board the banks and other investors. We have already worked on a number of such projects in the region, including the Podvelezje Wind Farm in BiH. Based on this experience, I must say that I am optimistic about this project in Bihac,” said Čondić.

USC Prime Minister Mustafa Ruznic said that this is the second wind farm in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that this is really encouraging for all of them in the Canton.

“We hope that the test phase will confirm the huge potential, and that we will really have our own wind park in Bihać. I do not need to emphasize too much what would this mean for the economic development of this part of the country,” said the USC Prime Minister Mustafa Ruznic.


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