Prices of Cigarettes to be higher as of New Year


Prices of cigarettes will be higher as of January 1st, as confirmed by the Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia-Herzegovina, some cigarettes will remain at the same level as in 2019, while some will increase by 0.10 to 0.30 BAM per pack of cigarettes.

It should be recalled that the ITA Board of Directors had earlier adopted the Decision on Specific and Minimum Excise Duty on Cigarettes and the Excise Duty on Smoking Tobacco for 2020, which defined that from January 1, 2020, on cigarettes and smoking tobacco pay the following excise tax: proportional excise duty at the rate of 42 percent of the retail price of cigarettes and specific excise in the amount of 82,50 BAM for 1,000 pieces, or 1,65 BAM for a package of 20 pieces.

In July this year, the prices of tobacco products of Philip Morris company were increased. Thus, the consumers of this brand paid 10-20 pfening more per box. The cigarette prices of this brand are now from 4,70 BAM to 6,50 BAM per box.

Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH has also been notified by the Tobacco Factory of Rovinj as well as the Tobacco Factory Sarajevo for the increase of prices. Their cigarettes increased prices on July 15th.

It is expected for prices of Davidoff, Boss and West to be increased in the coming days as well.


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