Presidency has nothing to do with the Gift that Dodik presented Lavrov

”The Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina as an institution, and I as a member of the Presidency, have nothing to do with the gift of a controversial Orthodox relic that the Presidency Chairman Dodik gave to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov during his last visit,” Dzaferovic said on Wednesday.

”This was, neither discussed in the Presidency, nor had any decision been made in that regard. So, I was not involved in any way or was aware of what kind of gift Dodik would give to Lavrov,” Dzaferovic added.

He pointed out that he supports the efforts to establish all the facts regarding the controversial gift and its origins.

“I do not see the purpose in calling the other two members of the Presidency of BiH to the Prosecutor’s Office, thus drawing us unnecessarily into the entire case. However, respecting the obligations that I have as a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina by law, I will respond to the call of the Prosecutor’s Office,” said Dzaferovic.

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