Premiere of “Quo Vadis, Aida” welcomed by Great Applause

The Bosnian premiere of the film “Quo vadis, Aida” by Jasmila Zbanic, which included a screening for young people and a screening for the families of the victims, friends of the film and international officials, was shown on Saturday at the Srebrenica Memorial Center.

The audience welcomed the film, the screening of which was accompanied by discussions with witnesses of the events from the UN base from 1995, but also with the director, actors and guests present.

“We highly appreciate the contribution of this feature film to spreading the truth about the genocide in Srebrenica. With such steps, we open the work of our institution to the world and I believe that we will only progress over the years. It is important for the sake of young people, for the sake of the generations to come, that people come here, that they return here and that they are interested in the topic of genocide in Srebrenica,” said the director of the Srebrenica Memorial Center Emir Suljagic.

At both screenings, the organizers took care of the Covid-19 pandemic protection measures, the setting of the screening took into account the physical distance, and the current situation did not prevent many guests from responding to the invitation, the Srebrenica Memorial Center stated.

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