Positive Story: Bosnian Hasan Semanic donated Kidney to his Friend Ervin Dzelalagic

December 5, 2017 8:45 AM

The example of the thirty-nine-year-old Hasan Semanic from Bihac is a proof that there are still humane and good people in BiH. After his friend Ervin Dzelalagic needed kidney transplantation, Hasan volunteered and donated his own kidney to his colleague from the FC “Brekovice”.

The surgery was successfully performed in Istanbul, Turkey, and the actors of this beautiful and positive story are feeling very good.

“I’ve known Ervin for about 15 years. We play football together. We were in the same team and sometimes even on the opposite sides. Ervin has always been a great athlete, and when his kidneys became dysfunctional two years ago, we organized several humanitarian actions for him. I told him already back then that I am ready to donate him a kidney. He could not believe what he was hearing. After none of the kidney from his relatives were match, I went back in March and told him once again that I was ready to give him a kidney. His happiness was endless when the results showed that I am the perfect match,” said Hasan Semanic.

“We found out that we were cousins too during the research of our family trees. However, the transplantation had to be performed abroad. In the end, it was decided to do it in Turkey. Thank God, the transplantation was successful. Ervin and I should return to BiH in couple of days. I must mention the great support of our relatives and friends, brothers Ado and Edin, as well as BH Telecom, since I am working there,” stated Hasan.

“It is like I was born again. I have no words for Hasan. I always knew him as a great person and a believer. He brought me back to life. He is my brother. I cannot wait to be with my wife Senita, and my sons Amil and Arslan. They are now the happiest Bosnians in the world. The ball and football brought me and Hasan together and am I hoping that we will play in the same football team already next year,” said Ervin Dzelalagic.

(Source: faktor.ba)





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