Positive News: Sarajevo Volunteer Team at Disposal to Elderly


The Youth Film Festival (YFF) actively monitored the situation with the new Covid-19 coronavirus and the Federal Crisis Staff’s orders and recognized the need to form a team of volunteers to assist the elderly.

As Sarajevo Volunteer Team Coordinator Kenan Music told Fena news agency, they will be at service from Monday to Friday from 10am to 8pm, and mobile teams will be available on weekends, with number 060 35 32 703.

Other telephone numbers will be established by municipalities and local communities, and all information will be available on social networks and through the media.

“All those who cannot and should not move, we will be at their disposal in the first phase until April 1st, and then we will follow the further development of the situation,” said Music.

Eight people from the Festival will make up mobile teams, but after the call was announced, about 30 people from all four city municipalities, as well as from the municipalities of Ilidža, Vogošća and Hadžići appeared.

Volunteers will, after receiving calls to the call center, depending on which location they come from, buy and bring groceries, and with everyone they contact will visit them within the next 15 days and will be at their service until the end of the state of the natural and other accidents.

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