Police found 20,000 Packs of Cigarettes without Excise Taxes


Members of Foca Police Department, in cooperation with the Border Crossing Unit at the Hum crossing, found 19,660 packs of cigarettes of various kinds thrown from the vehicle in the village of Curevo.

A statement from the Police Directorate said that, based on operational knowledge, a Volkswagen T4 van was found during the action, followed by a search of the terrain at two locations and a larger quantity of cigarettes were found without excise stamps.

Police stated that the cigarettes were apparently thrown out of the vehicle as some packages were thrown around. The District Attorney on duty was notified and the investigation was carried out by officers of the Foca Police Department.

Police stated that they are taking all criminal investigative measures and actions to document and gather information to identify an unknown person or persons who are suspected of committing the criminal offense of Illicit Trafficking.

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