PM Plenkovic opened a Franciscan Soup Kitchen in Mostar for everyone in need

September 6, 2017 10:45 AM

Within his visit to Mostar, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia opened the soup kitchen of Fr. Didak Buntic within the student center Dompes, which was built with much effort and enthusiasm of Mostar Franciscans.

“We need first to congratulate to our Franciscans who got the idea by following Fr. Didak Buntic, in the pursuit of his goodness and the fundamental Christian idea of solidarity. Solidarity and love are the very key to our activities, whether they are secular, spiritual, academic, and economic or some others. And therefore, the message of construction a home for poor students repeats that fundamental idea,” said Andrej Plenkovic, adding that his government is a friend of BiH, and they will support all similar ideas.

The happiest of all was the creator of the center, Fr. Iko Skoko, who said that friars had a similar house for help to those who needed it the most in this area for 40 years and that today’s generations should not be lagging behind.

“Our main motive is helping others, and these three parts that we are planning to complete, a student home, a soup kitchen, and a dialogue center, somehow belong to Franciscan charisma. We will open the Dialogue Center in March when will be marked 800 years since the meeting of Sultan and the Holy Francis. We have two soup kitchens in the city, but there are always those who stay on the side,” said Iko Skoko, and noted that all of this is not intended for one people, but for all those who need it.

“Conditions are one of the key factors of success, of both students and academic community. We are expanding our capacities to this student home, and all this should result in the excellence of both those who are studying and those who are offering knowledge. We believe that Fr Iko has recognized what was really needed,” said Rector Tomic.

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