PM Novalic: Turkish Investors are building two factories in Bosnia

Investors from Turkey who intend to invest in the sector of military industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina are visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina these days.

Meetings have already been held in Zivinice and Konjic. Turkish investors talked with the Mayor of Zivinice, Samir Kamenjakovic, about the project that would be implemented in the business zone of the city. According to the mayor, the project is worth 70 million BAM, and about 100 people, domestic staff from the field of industry and chemistry, will find employment.

“I am very glad that the company Ateşçi has recognized Bosnia and Herzegovina as interesting for investment. We had several meetings with that company and technical meetings were held these days. We agree on the locations of the two factories. We will try to help investors go through the entire procedure of issuing various permits,” emphasizes Prime Minister Fadil Novalic.

He says that these two factories would employ a little more than 200 workers at the very beginning of their work, and of course, with the growth of the company, this number of workers would also increase.

“In the coming months, we will have visits from investors, I hope that even then I will have good news such as this with the company Ateşçi,” announced Prime Minister Novalić.

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