People in Need for Free Meal can take it from a Fridge in a Street in Mostar


The association of citizens “Together for our city” from Mostar, known for its numerous humanitarian actions, recently installed a special fridge in front of the Association’s premises to provide homeless people and those in need of free food.

In cold winter days, this fridge will be good for anyone who cannot afford a meal. Meals are available daily near the premises of this association near the Lucki Most.

The guiding principles were the so-called fridges of salvation, in which the rich restaurants of the most developed European and world cities leave excess food and make the lives of homeless people there easier.

Activist Nermin Mehic tells us that today there are a number of families in Mostar who need help.

Mehic explained that the fridge could also be of help to young people who are out of work trying to feed one or more children. At first, they imagined to leave only surplus food, however, in the future they will put more.

He is convinced that the interest in the fridge would be greater, if people were not ashamed of being noticed while taking food. “The city is relatively small and almost everyone knows each other. Yesterday, at about 1pm, we put seven meals in the fridge, and by about 8pm it was empty. That is why we also appeal to our fellow citizens to help us with food or money,” says Mehic.

Volunteers believe that the number of citizens who put their food in the fridge will, however, increase over time, Oslobodenje news portal writes.

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