Pellicciari: Russia does not encourage Dodik to start a War in the Balkans

January 11, 2017 6:30 PM

dodik_putin“Russia does not support Milorad Dodik and his political intentions and it is not true that the President of the Rebublika Srpska waits for the money and approval of Vladimir Putin to start a new war in the Balkans”, said the associate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and professor at the universities of Rome and Moscow, Igor Pellicciari.

“I have to say that it is quite opposite. Russia does not encourage Dodik, it supports him in certain issues in which it is believed that the solutions are obtained without consultation with Moscow. In the last 25 years, Russia has not had a major role in the Balkans. On the other side, no step was taken in the last 25 years in order to start a war, but the opposite” adds Professor Pellicciari.

In addition, Mr. Pellicciari believes that the recent statements made by Milorad Dodik caused surprise in Russia and not taken very seriously in Moscow. In an interview for BHRT, Pellicciari claims that there is no special relationship between the President of RS Milorad Dodik and the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Moreover, he adds that Syria and Ukraine are more important issues for Russia, then are BIH and Balkans.

Professor Pellicciari highlights that Russia’s policy in the Balkans is more determined by the moves of the US, that official Moscow considers one-sided and achieved without consulting the two great powers.

“Russia is back on the international agenda. In the last 25 years, this country has, whether one likes it or not, returned as one of the major powers in the international scene. Considering the previously said, Russia demands to obtain its role and to be consulted”, concludes the Associate Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Igor Pellicciari.



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