Part of Real Estate of the Former Yugoslavia in the World belongs to BiH

April 2, 2017 11:00 AM

stan-sfrj-new-york-700x336Mixed Committee of successor states of the former Yugoslavia, which should consider the question of the division of the remaining 51 properties of former Yugoslavia abroad, which is 110.6 million USD worth, will have a meeting in Belgrade most likely at the end of April.

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Veljko Odalovic stated that the exact date of the meeting has not been established yet and that consultations are currently taking place, but that there were some ideas that it should be held at the end of April or in mid-May.

Odalovic said for “Politika” that it is not realistic to expect a final agreement on the remaining estate at the Belgrade meeting, but that he expects progress in the distribution of certain assets. The newspaper stated that the job is being held back by the fact that assets have not been fully listed yet.

The next meeting of the International Committee in Belgrade should “push” the sale of five the most valuable buildings that are located in New York, Tokyo, Bern and Bonn, whose estimated value amounts to 70 million USD.

There are two attractive properties in New York, one of which is a six-room duplex apartment on the Park Avenue, in which, according to the American press, are interested film stars Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson.

In the process of succession were distributed 72 out of 123 properties. The value of the remaining 51 objects was estimated at about 190 million BAM, and BiH should get a total of 15.5% of the value of these real estates. Part of the objects will be handed over on use to the former Yugoslav republics, the rest will be sold and the money will be divided according to the same ratio as real estates. Until the completion of the process of succession, undistributed or unaccepted objects are being used by Serbia.

So far, when it comes to the succession of former Yugoslavia’s assets, BiH got Embassy buildings in London, Ottawa, Oslo, Madrid and Ankara, residences in Vienna and Budapest, a flat in Milan and a house in Washington.



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