Over One and Half Thousand People died in Traffic Accidents in BiH

A total of 1,534 people in the past five years died in traffic accidents in BiH, and 10,403 injured.

During this period, 188,727 traffic accidents occurred, and 30,078 people were killed and injured.

“Dnevni avaz” newspapers writes, referring to data from BiHAMK, that in road accidents last year there were 72 deaths per million inhabitants, which is far above the European Union average, where it amounted to 49.

The largest number of accidents in recent years has been recorded in the streets of the settlements, then on the main roads, followed by local and regional roads.

Most traffic accidents occurred in Sarajevo Canton – 53,512, with the death toll in Tuzla Canton – 6,565.

The improper speed and inadequate road conditions are among the most common causes of traffic accidents.

Following are injuries caused by the effects of alcohol and other narcotics.

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