Over Four Thousand Packs of Cigarettes without Excise Stamps confiscated near Foca


Authorized officers of the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) of BiH temporarily seized 4,077 packs of cigarettes of foreign producer.

Cigarettes, which were not marked with ITA excise stamps, were confiscated on the road Foca – Sarajevo. These activities in the field were carried out by officers of the Group for the Prevention of Smuggling and Misdemeanors from the regional center of the ITA in Sarajevo in cooperation with officers of the Ministry of Interior of Sarajevo Canton, Trnovo Police Station.

The ITA said in a statement that in the Hadzici municipality, authorized ITA officials stopped and inspected a passenger motor vehicle in which they found 40 kilograms of finely cut tobacco, which was also not marked with ITA excise stamps. Cigarettes and fine-cut tobacco, which were intended for sale on the black market of BiH, are estimated at a market value of 27,000 BAM, according to the ITA.

Persons from whom excise products have been confiscated will be prosecuted in accordance with the positive legal regulations of Bosnia and Herzegovina.



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