OSCE welcomes Development of Rulebook on prevention of Discrimination in Schools

Damir Gnjidić, Head of the Tuzla Office of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, met with Fahreta Brašnjić, Minister of Education and Science of Tuzla Canton on 24 December 2020, to discuss adoption of the “Rulebook on principles and procedure for protection of students from discrimination in primary and secondary schools in Tuzla Canton”.

The OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina welcomes the approval of the Rulebook, developed with the Mission’s support and derived from the “Guidelines for recognizing discrimination in education in BiH”.

This Rulebook confirms the commitment of the Ministry to ensuring safe and non-discriminatory school environments in over 120 primary and secondary schools. It is an important step towards ensuring a timely response to any form of discrimination in education and enables those students who believe that they were discriminated against, and their parents, to seek protection from the school. At the same time, the Rulebook educates all stakeholders in the education system on how to recognize various forms of discrimination and prevent it.

The OSCE Mission to BiH remains committed to assisting the Tuzla Canton Ministry of Education and Science in building a better education system.

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