Opportunity for Farmers: “Dukat“ purchasing all Sorts of Corns

July 15, 2015 10:00 AM

Dukat company Jelah Tesanj“Dukat“ mill and bakery Jelah – Tesanj invited all agricultural producers of all sorts of corns such as wheat, rye, buckwheat, barley and corn in autumn to deliver they crops to “Dukat“, because all delivered amounts will be purchased.

Convinced in a superior quality of this year’s crop of the domestic farmers, “Dukat“ in that way wants to contribute to the development of the production of healthy food that is highly demanded and has its place at the market.

“ Dukat“ d.o.o. mill and bakery Jelah – Tesanj is existing since 1988 as a private enterprise, and in 2006, a completely new mill facility was built with more than 2.000 square meters of usable area, and in 2007, installation of the modern equipment of the new mill and the construction of another phase of silos for corns was finished.

Production program of “Dukat“ is consisted of the mill for the wheat processing of the capacity of 160 tons per day, then mill for the corn processing of the capacity of 60 tons per day, and the bakery of the capacity of 5.000 pieces of bread per day and the plant for the production of homemade cookies, biscuits and dough for pies, as announced from that company.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)


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