One of the most significant historical Monuments of Bosnia-Herzegovina demolished


The fortress in Vranduk, located about ten kilometers from Zenica, is one of the most significant cultural and historical monuments of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

On Saturday night, part of the wall on the south side of the fortress collapsed. The damage caused is great, and since the collapsed stones fell into the yard of a nearby house, just by luck, no human casualties occurred.

Shortly after the demolition, a patrol of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Zenica-Doboj Canton came to the field, conducting an inspection after which they fenced the place where a part of the wall fell.

Old town Vranduk was built in the late 14th century, and until 1462 it was known as the royal town. Name Vranduk was first mentioned in 1410, and it served for the Bosnian kings as a place where they received their guests, signed contracts and issued muniments.

Today, Vranduk is a place gladly visited by the tourists, both foreign and domestic. It is perfect match of history, nature and beautiful views – which makes it one of the most visited places in our country.

A touch of history, peace and quiet – that is how they would briefly describe their time spent in Vranduk. Tourists were distracted from the sightseeing by rain accompanied by strong winds, but it did not stop them to photograph this important historical places and enjoy its forts.

Except for the history, in recent years Vranduk has often mentioned in regards to the construction of hydropower plants on Bosna River. Some associations for the protection of nature are considering that the construction of hydropower plants in Vranduk is wrong. Total investment for the construction of hydropower plants is, according to Elektroprivreda BiH, 127 million BAM, and it is financed by the funds of the Public Company Elektroprivreda BiH.

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