One of the largest Flags of BiH raised above Mostar

March 2, 2018 8:45 AM

Member of the Presidency of BiH Bakir Izetbegovic yesterday opened the park “Fortica” in Mostar, within which was placed a thirty-meter high mast with one of the largest flags in BiH, whose dimensions are 12×6 meters.

Besides Izetbegovic, the park was also opened by Djani Rahimic, the president of the Association MTBA Mostar, which arranged the park and the president of SDA Mostar, Salem Maric.

Izetbegovic stated that this flag is the same in size as the one placed on Hum Hill in Sarajevo.

“The same love, but a different burden of fight for our homeland. People of Mostar had enormous burden when it comes to the defense of our homeland, and they continue to prove their love, and I am very proud of them. BiH will exist, and this flag is a small stone of the state that is raising again. We had a very important day in Sarajevo when leaders of the EU came to take the questionnaire. BiH showed that we can do everything when we all stick together,” stated Izetbegovic.

He also added that BiH is entering a positive channel, which is forcing us to do some things for which we believed that we were not ready for.

“We need to improve relations with our neighbouring countries, Croatia and Serbia, and they have to do it as well. No one will enter the EU until all of this is solved. We need to stop the contention in BiH that is destroying our country, we need to implement reforms that are aimed to help the economy of our country, the rule of law, the fight against corruption, digitization, infrastructure. All of these are good things and we took over that obligation,” stated Izetbegovic.

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