Omarska: The 23rd Anniversary of the Closing of the Prijedor Camp of Death marked

August 7, 2015 9:15 AM

Omarska radiosarajevo.baIn memory of the suffering of more than 700 Bosniaks and Croats killed in Omarska, the 23rd anniversary of the closing of one of the most notorious camps in B&H was marked yesterday.

From May to August 1992, more than 3.000 citizens of Prijedor and the surrounding area went through the camp. They were situated, tortured and killed at the site of the mine Omarska near Prijedor.

At yesterday’s commemoration, a large number of white balloons was released into the sky, and the former detainees visited the buildings and rooms where they were located. The flowers were also laid in front of the so-called White House, which was reserved for the specially brutal torture and killing.

A part of the detainees was murdered at the infamous Korićanske stijene and at the Hrastova glavica.

The camp was organized by the local government after the violent takeover of Prijedor by the Greater Serbian paramilitary forces. A systematic campaign of imprisonment and expulsion of non-Serb population of the region was organized, and their property was looted and destroyed.



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