October 8, 1994: Serb Aggressors Bombed Trams full of Passengers

October 8, 2016 6:30 PM

sar-1-1992-rat_0On this day in 1994, a fire was opened from the machine gun M84 (in the besieged Sarajevo known as ‘the death sower’) from the position of the Serb aggressor on the Jewish cemetery on two trams full of passengers.

At the time of the attack, the trams were located in the center of Sarajevo, in Marindvor. While the Serb aggressors were firing countless shots on the civilians, the citizens of Sarajevo, in trams, UNPROFOR soldiers hid in their transporters and observed the entire situation hidden and in peace.

Tram driver Nedžad Hadžibajrić was killed and twelve passengers were wounded in this attack on the civilians of Sarajevo. There were seven children among the wounded passengers. After the attack, tram traffic in the besieged Sarajevo was suspended.

On the same day one year later, on October 8, 1995, the Serb aggressor committed another massacre against the civilians of Živinice, not far from the refugee camp where victims of the genocide in Srebrenica were staying. In that attack, nine civilians were killed and more than 50 were wounded, many of whom were children.

(Source: nap.ba)


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