Number of Patients infected with COVID-19 in Hospitals in Bosnia has doubled

The number of patients in hospitals throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina has doubled. Health workers also warn that more and more patients are on a respirator every day. It is a worrying fact that most of the infected are young people.

At the Covid wards in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are more and more patients with a severe clinical picture. In recent days, of the total number of newly infected, more than 50 percent are people aged 16 to 45 years. The reason is the ignorance of this population, as well as numerous private gatherings.

“What is especially difficult is that they are now much younger patients and patients with a severe clinical picture, and that patients we return for home treatment return to hospital after a few days,” said the director of the University Clinical Centre of Republika Srpska Vlado Djajic.

About 680,000 people have been tested since the beginning of the pandemic in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Doctors say that such a small capacity of test analysis has led to people who are infected waiting longer at home until their health condition becomes critical. Only then do they manage to be tested and hospitalized.

“This third wave, as we recognize it, is actually very dangerous and very serious. The condition has been deteriorating for the past two weeks. The hospital is full of what we may especially see and recognize are very difficult clinical pictures. We do not have moderate patients in the hospital now. All patients are difficult or critical “, pointed out the director of the General Hospital” Prim. dr. Abdulah Nakas ”Ismet Gavrankapetanovic.

The number of deaths is also increasing, and Bosnia and Herzegovina is at the top of the world mortality table. And as an agreement to such figures, epidemiologists and immunologists cite the necessary vaccination.

“Restrictive measures, ie repressive epidemiological immune measures, that they are effective, I welcome that, but with active immunization. No light can be seen at the end of the tunnel, “said immunologist Jasenko Karamehic.

The complicated health care system in Bosnia and Herzegovina suffers the most from the pandemic, and the inability of the authorities to provide vaccines, as well as the negligence of the population, has brought us to this point. 

The infection is spreading faster and faster, and if this trend continues, doctors say there will no longer be room in hospitals for patients who need hospitalization.

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