In the nine Months, 630.8 Million BAM has been invested in BiH

Preliminary data of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) on foreign investments show that in the nine months of this year the inflow of investments in BiH reached 630.8 million BAM, which is an increase of 60.6 percent compared to the same period last year.

The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of BiH (FIPA) said that this is a record amount in the last few years and that, given the positive trends and the investment growth in the three quarters, it is expected for the fourth quarter to grow as well.

In addition to the wide range of promotional activities that FIPA is doing to attract foreign investment in BiH, it is empshasized as particularly important that the Agency has more than 7.000 contacts with foreign investors, is in constant communication with them and invites them to invest in BiH by promoting respective projects.

Big importance for the country’s promotion is the entry of FIPA into theWorld Association of  Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) steering committee, which presents better access to foreign investors and a more significant country promotion at all investment gatherings, it is added in the report.

The FIPA states that the increase in investment is a result of the joint work of the competent institutions in BiH to attract foreign investment and improve business opportunities in the country, to promote investment opportunities, and to support foreign investors in BiH.

It is stated in the report that the Agency started 2017 with determination and pragmatism, in order to make as many contacts as possible with potential foreign investors, companies and employers’ associations abroad, either through individual work or cooperation with competent institutions, foreign embassies and economic representation offices in BiH, all with the aim of trying to motivate foreign investors to invest money in BiH.

The FIPA adds that it is important to continue work on improving the political and economic conditions in the country, improving the economic environment, and implementing the necessary reforms that will remove obstacles for both domestic and foreign investors, so they could expand and operate in a larger scale, and which automatically contributes to improving the image and competitiveness of the country, bringing new investments and new jobs.



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