New and Old Faces: Who are the potential Candidates for the Presidency of BiH?

November 6, 2017 12:30 PM

As the elections are approaching, there are numerous new political parties appearing in the political scene – however, there are only a few new faces, not even among potential candidates for the most prestigious electoral position. There is no party that formalized the appearance of a politician who is not already in a position or who has not previously performed some functions.

The most uncertain and loudest election battle will be for the positions of members of the Presidency of BiH and the President of the RS. It is difficult to guess the election results – but there are not many surprises among the potential candidates, for now.

The very well-known face to the public, the President of SBiH Amer Jerlagic, should find himself on the candidate list for the first time. And although it is not formal yet, the public is speculating about long-experienced politicians and senior members of the SDP, Denis Becirovic and Jasmin Imamovic, as potential candidates.

After he lost twice from Bakir Izetbegovic – Fahrudin Radoncic could try his luck for the third time. Senad Sepic will also try to get to the prestigious position, but under the newly established Independent Block.

At the same time, there will be a large battle for the first man of the RS, the successor of Milorad Dodik. He will maybe run for a member of the Presidency of BiH from Serbian people. On the other hand, three well-known names are mentioned for positions of the President of the RS and the Prime Minister: Zeljka Cvijanovic, Nebojsa Radmanovic, and Sinisa Karan.

When it comes to the Alliance for Change, names of Mladen Bosic, Mirko Sarovic, Mladen Ivanic, and Vukota Govedarica are repeatedly mentioned. However, from the Alliance was not announced who will apply for which position.

Ognjen Tadic is planning to submit his candidacy as well. Nikola Poplasen, as announced, will accompany him. There is also information about the transfer of Darko Babalj to Tadic’s team.

Although there is no official candidacy of Komsic,  at the beginning of this year he stated that he is considering this option. Third name on the list is the well-known Jerko Ivankovic Lijanovic.

(Source: N1)


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