New Law in Republika Srpska Entity gives more Competence to Inspectors

Inspectors in Republika Srpska (RS), one of the entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) will also be able to file criminal charges in the coming period if they find an undeclared worker.

The entity’s Minister of Administration and Local Self-Government, Lejla Resic, emphasized that the new law stipulates that non-registration of workers, ie “illegal work”, will be a criminal offense in the future and inspectors are obliged to immediately report such a case to the competent prosecutor’s office.

Resic stressed that the worker is in the first place and that the goal of the new legal solutions was to “get out of the gray area of work”.

There are numerous other pieces of legislation, such as mandatory and statutory coordination between municipal and republic inspections.

In the new law, for the first time, “small” businessmen have been given a deadline that if they have a small misdemeanor, they will eliminate it without being punished immediately, Federal News Agency reports.

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